Friday, May 29, 2015

secure against break Ins

Securing against the breakins high street store having a corner junction location with good flow of traffic for most part off the day is broken into with use of brute force, using gas cylinder cutters.
These kind of break in are not easy to wade off, the miscreants gain sufficient knowledge on the content and layout of the by prior recce of the location. The risk on their side is comparatively lower to carry out such attempts as generally the place is not guarded, the identity could be hidden from the cameras. Further the demand and seconds market make it easier for disposing off these goods
Secondly deterrence deployed is not sufficient to avoid such incidents.
 What can be done to tackle this menace?
The easiest and simplest it to keep it under human observation and surveillance, but what if the same is not available, cameras can be provided with remote views, a emergency alert could be releasesd
Putting a simple burglar alarm , a cctv camera a small dc in the ingress gate current or deploying a dog are some of the common measures people at the basic level can take.
Whatever measure is chosen to wade of the threat it has to be reviewed with time new initiatives and changing tech is required for sufficient protection of the assets

The vulnerabilities needs to be sufficiently taken care off by implementing to be strengthen against  BREACH!